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March 27, 2011


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Katie - this is a great contribution to the debate that Charlie Love started over in

You ask about HMI awareness - and I can tell you that the answer is a definite yes!

Your record of the Royal Scoiety meeting sent me back to my notes of meetings held in 2007/08 with Scottish Universities, school computing teachers, Microsoft, ScotlandIS, Scottish Government, HMI etc. The issues and concerns about the future of computing in schools then were pretty much the same as they are now. Except that CFE's technology framework didn't exist then.

This group prepared a robust letter to the relevant Government Minister which has had as much effect as half-a-million people marching on Downing Street!

So - when will we stop rehearsing the same arguments year on year and actually make change happen? I like your idea of a healthy and lively community of interest and practice sharing brilliant ideas. Why don't the faculties of education get together to support this?


OK, rather than just talking and moaning, here's my contribution to trying to solve the problem. I've set up a Glow Wiki with suggestions of CPD sessions that might be of use to Computing teachers. Please add to it and join in the discussion!

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