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March 07, 2008


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dave t

Hey! I got one too but I just let my mates in 22 SAS go looking for this mad assassin type.... 8-)


I would contact the local police and ask them to contact google and have the account investigated or suspended. At least send this to the google abuse department. This is the kind of sick shit that would get he attention of any abuse department at any isp.


OK I've reported it to Google and the University library in Romania where it was sent from (or via). Thanks :-) I really didn't care, I think I've become resigned to spam being a part of my life, but I suppose there are people who might get upset if they got this. Have you read "Delete this at your Peril" by Bob Servant? Its a fantastic book for laughing at spam, which is why I was so amused by this one.

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