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January 18, 2008


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Congratulations, He is so cute.


Congratulations to you both!

Scott Keir


"It made both of us laugh :-)"

You and Sean, or you and Sproglet Louis? :o)

I'm so pleased for you all, and look forward to seeing digitallouis (or is it digitalouis?) soon. Though I think he will always be Sproglet Louis to me... (and I am not even a little disappointed he's not Robert '); DROP Table Students;-- Farrell ;o)

Tess Watson

Congrats to you both!



Oh no! I hadn't even thought about the Digitallouis / Digitalouis problem!

My mother also pointed out that if he decides to go for a JayLo style nickname, he would be LooFa!

Joe Wilson

Now the wrappings off the fun starts here.

Congratulations to you both

Ewan McIntosh

I thought Twitter had gone quiet ;-) Congrats and well done for getting through it all emotionally intact (that's Sean, that is)

Trudy Gonzalez


I was wondering when the Sproglet would appear!

Digital Louis! Welcome to Cyberspace!

Love always, your aunt across the pond,

Alan Richardson

Gongrats to both. Will try to drop in sometime soon. Don't know about LooFa, my first though was "You're havin a LAF!"

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