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January 10, 2007


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Well done both of you for doing something, I like to think I would have done the same, but I don't have the First Aid knowledge so maybe if I'd seen someone already helping I might have walked on too, to my shame.

It sounds ridiculous that they can be diverted to another call when they get so close, it'a almost as bad as a story I read today about a family who called for an ambulance to come to Dunbar and one was sent to Dumbarton, 79 miles away and on the opposite side of the country.


To be fair to them, if they were coming to pick up someone with a broken leg, and they get a call about someone with a heart attack or breathing problems, then its probably right that we were left sitting there. Unfortunately they were probably going to someone who phoned up about extreme blood loss and just had a cut finger or something!

David Muir

"Now the relevant arrangement sections are in the revision wiki ready for kids to add in notes and important points etc."

Now that sounds interesting {...and the first aid stuff too obviously he adds feeling a bit guilty for not mentioning it first...} Did I miss this in a previous post? Is it a private wiki or can nosey Computing lecturers have a look?


The school wiki is at and my own wiki is at

The school one will be used for revision notes etc (the pupils will be training the teachers soon!) and my wiki has lesson stuff for S1/2 and other gumph. The Admin pupils have been told that if they add "I don't understand this" I'll do my best to explain it in the next day or so.

Hope something there is useful to someone! I'm happy for any of your students to add or use info.

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