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September 24, 2006


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Ewan McIntosh

Welcome to the world of RL blogging. Just wondering if you can turn on the Subscribe to Blog on this so that I can pick up the RSS. Are you going to run it through Feedburner? Means that if you change your mind your feed won't budge.


Welcome. :-)

As to keeping track of who's visiting and where they are coming from, I'd recommend a couple of things:

* Google analytics: -- it's dead easy to set up and gives you a wealth of data about who's visiting and what they do. Down to geographical/network locations, for example.

* Feed Burner. -- It's a widget which sucks in and republishes your RSS feed and give you metrics on who's using it. Very nice.

If Google Analytics is still a limited beta, I can set you up with a profile that you can use. (The downside is that I'd theoretically get to look at your metrics too.)


Thanks for the suggestions. I'm now setup with both Feedburner and Google Analytics, and you should be able to pick up a feed now too :-)

David Muir

Hello Katie... er Kate er... Mrs Farrell

The new blog is looking good.

I experimented with both PBWiki and Wikispaces and, like you, after a brief flirtation with PBWiki I decided to go with Wikispaces. I still find some of the formatting a bit tricky in Wikispaces, but in general it is easy to use and works well.

I had a quick look at your mobile phones wiki. I like it! I made a post about mobile phone use fairly recently and got some good comments back. In particular, some of the links from Alexander Hayes are well worth chasing up. I was especially impressed with Moblog UK

David Muir

I knew there was another free wiki tool I'd tried, but couldn't remember it... it was seedwiki:

I thought it was good. The overall look of the pages is a bit boring, but there are no ads and it has a fairly good editing tool... but despite that I moved to wikispaces anyway. :-)

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